Thursday, 30 June 2011

What I Wore: 20.

So sorry for the absence again, a combination of many things have been keeping me busy lately, but I will get back into the swing of things soon. Once again the weather cannot decide what it is doing, though it was boiling hot at the weekend so I did manage to get a slight tan. The other day I got stuck in the worst rain storm,  I was completely soaked, no item of clothing was safe even underwear was drenched. Needless to say it wasn't such a pleasant experience walking home feeling like I had wet myself.

Last Friday afternoon I got a call from my Brother asking me if I would like free tickets to glastonbury,  obviously my initial thoughts were hell yes, but then the logical side of me kicked in and I had to say no. An insane decision I know but it would have cost me a fortune in train fares and been a 5-9 hour journey, also the fact that I had nothing packed was a slight problem as well. I did nearly weep every time I thought about it though and had to console myself with a shopping trip. 

I am currently being driven mad by a car alarm going off every 5 minutes, lets hope it shuts up soon before I go completely insane. Oh there it goes again...


  1. I love this shirt - looks great tied like that. Also you really suit your hair up, you do have amazing hair though.
    Gutted for you about Glasto! I too have an overpowering logical side and often miss out on fun things. But I hate getting ready and organsing things in a rush!

  2. There always Glasto 2013... you've got 2 years to save and prepare for it! xx

  3. lovee the skirt and the shoezzz! xx

  4. this look is hotnesss! super cute with just the right amount of 90s x

  5. Oh no, you should have gone to Glasto, it was amazing! I got poured on the other day on my way to work, was horrible! Really like the monochrome ness of this outfit

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. @Mo I know I always end up in a major stress trying to do things in a rush! x
    @Rebecca Yes, it seems so far away but I'm sure it will come around so quickly! x
    @Jo Thanks x
    @Emma C Wills Thankyou! x
    @frances Ha thanks x
    @Hannah I know, I'm still bummed out about it! Hope you had a good time! x

  7. i love how you have styled the shirt

  8. @Nicola Claire Thankyou! x