Friday, 27 May 2011

What I Wore: 15.

Once again I have no clue where the week has gone I swear it was Monday a second ago. All I seem to have done is work this week and have achieved nothing of interest, so I'm afraid this is probably going to be highly boring. Due to the insane winds I have mostly been wearing my hair up but somehow I still manage to turn up to work sporting dragged through a hedge backwards chic, a somewhat popular look for me at the moment.

Major fail this morning as it was not until after I had got ready that I realised the time was 6.30 and I had got up at 6 not the usual 6.30, it was almost like time travel as I had suddenly gained an extra half hour, that I didn't realise I had.

I really have failed at the plan making this weekend, but I'm sure a pub trip tonight will more than likely happen. I would also appreciate it if the weather decided to turn lovely and warm as I could definitely do with some sort of tan. I am currently sporting some dodgy tan lines from the other day when I went on another crazy long walk and by crazy I mean 4 hours. By the end we looked like we had some sort of disease due to the numerous stinging nettle stings, oh the joys of country living! x

Hope everyone has a good weekend and actually has some fun plans unlike myself.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

What I Wore: 14.

Well not such a great start to the morning after I stubbed my toe, I'm fairly certain that and a paper cut are more painful than chopping your arm off. Anyone else agree?

This was an outfit from last week that I didn't get to post due to a combination of being busy and that whole blogger malfunction. Anyways this week has pretty much been a giant fail in terms of photo taking, mainly due to long days and unimaginative outfits. My brain is not in full functioning mode at 6.30 am and as soon as I get home I usually go out for a run so I completely forget to take a photo of what I have been wearing. Will try my hardest to get my act together soon! 

Apparently the world was meant to end today or something along those lines, well looks like we have once again defied the odds and lived though it, well done people.

Live long and prosper folks.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What I Wore: 13.

Sorry about the lack of updates, time seems to have flown by but I've finally got some spare time so I can sit down and catch up on some blogs. This weekend was pretty fun, Saturday was an extremely successful shopping trip followed by a tasty lunch out. I managed to get some amazing items from the charity shops and even had to stop myself from buying more, it got to the point I had bought so much I couldn't even remember what I had got, shameful I know! 

A military type operation commenced when I got home to wash and alter everything, bake cupcakes, get my haircut and pack my bags ready to go out in the evening. Probably far to many jobs to do in the space of a few house but by some miracle I managed it.  Sunday was pretty chilled, film watching, food munching the prefect combination. I always think that its acceptable to be a complete slob on Sunday after all it is a day of rest...thats what I use as an excuse anyway.

I also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who reads, comments and follows my blog, it is absolutely insane to think that people actually read my crazy ramblings! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What I Wore: 12.

As the sun decided to make an appearance today I thought it only fair to inflict my pasty white legs on the general public, I'm sure they loved it. I think I resemble an overgrown small child in the first picture, if that makes sense to anyone? Even though I am a fan, this was not some sort of homage to the current sock trend, but merely a measure to stop me from being in complete agony as my feet are currently a bit savaged. 

My weekend was incredibly tame, exciting activities included sitting in the garden, reading, making presents, baking yummy food and going for a 8 mile walk, which is the cause of the current foot savage situation. I know you are all so jealous of the exciting life I lead. I try to go for a mammoth walk every weekend, its always nice to get out and enjoy the countryside, plus its good exercise for me and the dog definitely appreciates it!

This weekend will be slightly more eventful with some shopping, lunches out, pub trips and hopefully a BBQ if the weather holds out.

Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend and a good start to the week! 

Saturday, 7 May 2011

What I Wore: 11.

Super simple outfit, jeans and a shirt is usually my go to outfit if I want to look like I've actually made a bit of an effort. I have developed quite a large collection of scarfs, picking them up whenever I see them as they don't usually dent the back balance and can sometimes add something to an outfit. Plus they are pretty multi-functional, I'm often sporting a scarf in the hair.

Despite me saying in the previous post about not spending money I'm currently stalking a few pieces on ebay. I'm convincing myself they would be acceptable purchases if I get them super cheap, also a hunt around the charity shops is definitely on the cards. A major plus I find with charity shops is that they are usually quite empty, so much nicer not to have to deal with a shop full of people barging you out the way and queuing for the changing rooms for approximately 17 thousand hours, an exaggeration but thats what it feels like sometimes.

Another shopping bugbear of mine, young girls who hang around in clothes shop, not buying anything just taking photos of themselves and getting in the way. Mission accomplished sounding like and old lady talking about scarfs, charity shops and moaning about the youth of today!

Hope everyone has had a fabulous week.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What I Wore: 10.

When will the gale force winds stop, its proving difficult to leave the house without my hair turning to a giant knot. There are approximately 4348463 things that I want to buy but due to serious lack of funds shopping is on hold for the indefinite future. I'm therefore making the most of my wardrobe and actually getting wear out of my clothes instead of constantly buying new ones. I'm actually quite enjoying making the most of the clothes I have and I've just been customising the things that aren't quite right. It also makes me realise that I don't actually need lots of news clothes, after all the point of having a wardrobe full of pretty things is to wear them isn't it?

Once again I'm full of confusion about what day it is, who knows anymore they all kind of blur into one anyway. I'm fairly certain I have consumed my body weight in cupcakes this weekend, they are quickly becoming my new obsession. With lots friends birthdays coming up I can safely say there will be a lot more cupcake eating in my future, and I'm definitely not complaining.


Sunday, 1 May 2011

What I Wore: 9.

The disadvantages to taking photos outside are that clothes and hair fly around like crazy in the wind. Whatever happened to the gorgeous weather of last weekend, I actually got a small tan going. Can't wait for it to be boiling hot, drink in hand and food on the bbq.

This weekend hasn't been too eventful, just seeing family and friends and generally relaxing. I cannot believe it is May already, I'm going to sound like such an old person but where on earth does the time fly.

Hope everyone has been having a good weekend.