Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What I Wore: 10.

When will the gale force winds stop, its proving difficult to leave the house without my hair turning to a giant knot. There are approximately 4348463 things that I want to buy but due to serious lack of funds shopping is on hold for the indefinite future. I'm therefore making the most of my wardrobe and actually getting wear out of my clothes instead of constantly buying new ones. I'm actually quite enjoying making the most of the clothes I have and I've just been customising the things that aren't quite right. It also makes me realise that I don't actually need lots of news clothes, after all the point of having a wardrobe full of pretty things is to wear them isn't it?

Once again I'm full of confusion about what day it is, who knows anymore they all kind of blur into one anyway. I'm fairly certain I have consumed my body weight in cupcakes this weekend, they are quickly becoming my new obsession. With lots friends birthdays coming up I can safely say there will be a lot more cupcake eating in my future, and I'm definitely not complaining.



  1. Cute look! you can't beat some denim shorts.
    I love that you wrote about this. Just sums up everything I was thinking this morning and you are so correct on the wearing all the pretty things in your wardrobe point.
    You are fast becoming one of my fave blogs!

  2. @Mo Wow thank you so much, thats a huge compliment seeing as you are one of my favourite blogs, always look forward to seeing one of your posts pop up! x

    @Jazzy E Thanks very much! x

  3. cute outfit, really simple. I am exactly the same, constantly lusting after new things and actually not getting a lot of wear out of the clothes I do have. Been trying to do the same and mix things up, which is actually quite fun-especially to see how far you can make one item of clothing stretch! xx

  4. really basic and truly lovely.

  5. Superb shorts! Like your wonderful blog! Follow you) follow me?

  6. Can't go wrong with denim shorts, you look fab! I hope the find stops ruining your hair, the same thing happens to me when it rains =(

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. @ This Charming Style Thankyou!
    @ Emma C Wills Completely agree, also find I get more inventive with what to wear x
    @ mari b.Thanks x
    @Amia. Thankyou!
    Hannah. Ah the weather really know how to screw with the old hair! x
    @Le garcon avec les lunettes Thankyou x

  8. Don't complain on your hair - it looks great and so big!!! Mine is flat flat FLAT unless I treat it with the irons.

    Please visit my blog if you'd get a chance:

  9. Sweet :-)
    I love the shorts!!

    My Blog
    xoxo Michaela

  10. I agree, as much as I love buying new clothes I get a warm fuzzy feeling from making new use of old clothes! Love this outfit on you :) x

    Just a Thought

  11. i love this simple but chic look!!! you are soooo pretty :)