Thursday, 28 April 2011

What I Wore: 8.

Weird fuzzy white background...check, multi-coloured hair...check, angry face...check. Probably some of the worst photos ever, the camera just didn't want to play ball today. Shockingly enough these were the best of the bunch, either I was just a blur or this strange white-ness you see before you, the bricks were apparently the victim of this photo.

The strange light did my hair no favours either, it needs to hurry up and grow out so then it doesn't have the weird colour left in the ends.

Hopefully the camera will return to being my friend again and photos will return to their usual average quality.

Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm getting far to confused with what day it is due to all the bank holidays.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What I Wore: 7.

Not sure why I look so angry and mad in these, promise I'm not. It was back to freezing cold temperatures this morning and I made the mistake of working out in only shorts and t-shirt, cue my hands being frozen and numb for a good 15 minutes. I managed to warm up quickly though and was a sweaty mess by the end. 

I was planning on wearing a playsuit that I diy-ed yesterday, but then i thought people may start to believe they are the only items of clothing that I own. These may well be the most unflattering trousers that I own, but boy are they comfy. More than likely you will notice a trend in outfits, if its either comfy or requires little effort to put together then I will most likely be wearing it, if a combination of the two, well thats just the perfect outfit. 

Have a good week guys.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

What I Wore: 6.

Just another pretty simple and boring outfit from yesterday, it was super warm and I was lacking any effort or energy to put some sort of outfit together so I just threw on this playsuit.

I was so tired yesterday due to going out the night before, not because I was a crazy party animal, but because on arriving home my helpful parents had left the keys in the lock so I couldn't open the door. Lots of knocking only resulted in waking the dog up, so I resigned myself to a fate of either sleeping in the porch or the garden, neither of which really appealed. Luckily my friend came to my rescue and I found myself on a rather unexpected early morning walk to her house so I could crash there.

I was also planning on taking some photos so show how I changed things up from day to night, as I went to the pub in the evening but as usual my time management skills failed me. I don't think 'sorry I was taking photos of myself' would have been a good excuse for my lateness.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What I Wore: 5.

Just a random outfit from last week, its been super warm the last few days so I've not really been wearing much apart from shorts and vest top, extremely boring so not worthy of a photo. Im hoping for some sort of tan because my arm literally glow in the sun they are so white, so I'm hoping it will be nice and sunny this weekend. 

Will be back with a better outfit post soon, hope everyone is well and making the most of the sun. 


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What I Wore: 4.

Pure coincidence with another stripe outfit, I thought this top would work better than just wearing a plain white top, far too much potential to look like a school girl. People always assume I'm about 16, so I doubt dressing like I was in school uniform would have helped me to convince people that I am actually 22.

I'm having a love hate relationship with my hair at the moment, love it because of the length and my fringe is actually behaving for once! But hate because I am currently sporting a multi-coloured look, its ombre but not in a good way. I only have myself to blame, years of many different coloured dyes have come back to bite me, as I'm currently growing the colour out. As the remaining dye in my hair fades its changes colour regularly, currently its a rather fetching orangey-brown, not a good look for summer as its even more orange in the sun. But I shall power through and who know what colour it will turn next!

Can't believe its Wednesday again already, have a good rest of the week.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What I Wore: 3.

Note to self must put makeup on and do hair before taking photos so not to scare people. On a brighter note today is super sunny and looking pretty warm, unfortunately I will be stuck in all day filling in application forms and replying to emails. I am getting super excited for summer cannot wait for days down the beach, obviously I am being optimistic and hoping that it will be a good summer. Unfortunately I am once again not going on holiday so would appreciate a bit of sun and maybe a cheeky tan!

Hope everyone is having a good week, can't believe its Wednesday again already, tis crazy how the time flies!


Monday, 4 April 2011

What I Wore: 2.

The last few weeks have been taken up with mainly me being ill and therefore my outfits consisting mostly a selection of non interesting comfy clothes. Also my camera lead decided to go walkabout, turns out it was actually buried under a pile of paperwork which I didn't think to look under. So hopefully posts will be back on track now.

Dress- Topshop, Cardigan- H&M, Belt- Primark.
Try to excuse the state of my face, hair and room its all a bit of a mess at the moment! This is just what I was wearing the other day it was pretty warm out and I wasn't really up to much but I was going out later in the day and just wanted to wear something that would work for both day and evening, sometimes I just can't be bothered to get changed multiple times in a day. I belted the cardie over the dress because I think the print can be a bit bright so it was nice with just a bit of the print showing. I have a few more outfits that I have been wearing recently which I will post soon. Hope everyone has a good day.