Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What I Wore: 21.

I know it seems like I am always wearing these jeans but I swear I rarely wear them, it just so happens that the days I do I have time to take photos, thats the story I'm sticking to anyway! This week is going by so slowly as I'm waiting to start a new job, don't get me wrong a bit of time off is nothing to complain about but its not so much fun when everyone else is at work. It also doesn't help that time goes even slower when you are waiting for something.

Nothing much happened this weekend, all I want to do lately is sleep and eat, perhaps I have gone into an early hibernation? However, I did get up at 6 am on Sunday, yes people you heard that right. No I am not insane, I was volunteering at my local Race For Life, despite the early start it was actually a really good day and was nice to get out and do something different. Also the delicious bacon sandwich and ice cream certainly helped. Stupidly I had an image in my head that our t-shirts would be pink, and not the bright orange that they actually were. This actually made far more sense as it would have been impossible to spot us volunteers amongst the thousands of others in pink.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week and its nice and sunny where you are!


  1. Jeans look great on you :) I'm like you though I barely wear them ha-ha. I love the top too the colour is awesome! Good luck with your new job :)


  2. Ahh good luck in your new job. I'm working my notice period in my current job and start my new one in a couple of weeks so I know what you mean about time going slowly I just want to hurry up, start and get the awkwardness out of the way! x

  3. I love the top you're wearing, really pretty. Good luck for your new job btw :}


  4. goog luck in the new job.
    Love the colour of the top on you. x

  5. That top looks fabulous on you. Good luck with everything!

  6. lovely photos! thanks for you comment!

  7. Pretty top! I am loving the pinks now, despite not being much of a girly girl, and love the tiers! Awesome post. And I am such a jeans person! I practically collect J Brand - I love them.

    Hope you have time to come and check out my site - it's just a lot of music, but we recently did an interview with an awesome band called Gardens & Villa that we would love for you to check out!

    You have a great blog!

  8. @fashionismyh20 Thankyou! x
    @ Rebecca Yes just want to start, good luck with your new job! x
    @ Charlotte Thankyou! x
    @Mo Thankyou my lovely x
    @ Isabella, Fabienne, the nyanzi report, Jazzy E Thanks guys! x

  9. That top is so cute, the colour really suits you!