Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What I Wore: 24.

The camera is still dying a slow death, and lately I just cannot be bothered to think of what to wear in the morning. This usually results in the constant rotation of different shirts and trousers, which isn't all that interesting. I must have changed about 7 times this morning, one of those days were everything just didn't feel right, anyone know what I mean or am I just insane? 

Saturday night ended up being fairly random, bumping into so many people that I hadn't seen for ages and also Matt Cardle from the X factor. He is literally the shortest man ever and still had that hat on, I think only a surgical procedure would remove it from his head. 

I'm off to catch up on some hot man action in True Blood, has anyone else been watching the new series?



  1. I'm much the same with choosing outfits int h morning! It gets me in such a bad mood that I just have to shove on the first thing and leave.
    I wish I was this creative though, love how your cycling shorts are peeking out the bottum and the belt and little shirt are cute - all looks perfect with the trainers too.x

  2. I often change loads of time in the morning too and it makes me grumpy too! hehe quite funny you saw Matt Cardle, poor thing. xx

  3. This is suuuch a cute layered look! love the shorts!

  4. CA-UTE! I could never pull this off...

    PS thank you for your comment and for being a massive babe x

  5. Really like this casual look, so effortless, the layering is great! And I regularly have those 'nothing is right-god I need new clothes moments!' so bad. why can't we just be content eh! xx

  6. Wow, beautiful outfit!!:D Love your dress!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  7. Now that is what I call gorgeous!

    It's too cool for school.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    musing about mohair

  8. same with me. i always have trouble in choosing outfit in the morning so then i anticipate it by preparing the outfit at night. but this outfit is nice though :)