Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What I Wore: 17.

How on earth is it a week since I last posted, I am going to try my hardest to become more frequent with my posts. I really do love blogging, mainly just so then I can ramble on about random things, and obviously I love reading everyones comments and all the lovely things people say.

Today I just wanted to be super comfy, I still think these trousers are hideous and incredibly unflattering but when comfort is key they are the first thing I think of to wear. I was hoping to dress slightly more summery but the weather still cannot decide what it wants to do. Its crazy that I was sunbathing in a bikini at the weekend and then the other day I had to wear my winter coat to work. I got so soaked and spent the remainder of my day squelching around in my wet shoes, not at all pleasant.

I have a million and one things to do today but all I want to do is eat brownies and curl up in a ball and sleep, maybe throw in a bit of film watching or if it was warm some sunbathing and that would be the perfect day. I seem to be so sleepy this week, yesterday on my lunch break I was so close to falling asleep, it got to the point where I wasn't entirely sure if I had nodded off for a second. I also keep banging on about the sun and getting a tan, as I am the only one out of my friends who is not going on holiday this year I am determined not to be white and pasty, when they are all lovely and brown!

Hope everyone is having a good week, Friday needs to hurry up get here sooner!


  1. aww love this, the hat and body chain really make the outfit special! xx

  2. the trousers look lovely!! not hideous or unflattering at all. great outfit xo

  3. love the harness necklace, im waiting on a harness belt from ASOS that they've told me was delivered and signed for on Monday along with a bunch of other stuff. BUT I DONT HAVE IT. sad times. apparently ive got to go on hunt behind wheely bins etc - my first ever fall out with ASOS .

    anyways great look :)


  4. You put my casual outfits to shame! The trousers look great on you and you look really laid back and chic! xxx

  5. You look perfect, nice outfit. :) Great blog, I'm following, hope you follow back ;)

  6. I love this outfit. So chic! The shoes are my favorite. great post =)

  7. I think you look lovely here. The trousers are not unflattering at all and I really love how you have styled it all. I have a body harness thing but always forget to wear it! You have reminded me to get it out! The hat looks fab on you too. xx

  8. love this! very chic! your shoes are so cute :)

  9. ah those sandals are the cutest things ever! I love that blouse as well. brownies sound perfect for dinner right now ;) your blog is so adorable! just started following you!


  10. I actually think those pants are really flattering! They look lovely and you styled them so well! Totally with you on the weather thing, it's bloody annoying :)

  11. Thank everyone for your lovely comments! x
    @Emma C Wills Thanks, just makes a bit more interesting! x
    @sinners Thankyou! x
    @Nicola Claire Can't wait to see the harness belt x
    @Victoria I can assure you I can do super casual as well, I would probably wear pjs if it was socially acceptable! x
    @Chelsea Lane Thankyou so much! x

  12. @frances Thankyou, it was a diy because shop prices were insane! x

  13. the jeans aren't unflattering on you in the slightest, you look lovely. i adore the body harness, it would be great if you could do a diy post on it! unless you have done one already?