Sunday, 18 December 2011

What I Wore: 37.

To say life over the past few weeks has been busy would be understatement of the century, leaving the house at 7.30 am and arriving back at 9.30 pm doesn't really leave much room for blogging. But I am not going to give up because as sporadic as my posts have become, it really is something I do enjoy doing. As Christmas is practically here I will have some time on my hands to report some highly interesting outfit consisting of a whole range of jumpers. To say England is cold right now would be an understatement of the century.

Has everyone enjoyed lots of Christmas type activities lately? My weekend has been lovely, on friday I went ice skating at The Natural History Museum, initially it was all a bit Bambi, by the end I only was averagely bad at it! This time next week Christmas will be over and done with, not too sure how that has come around so fast. Oh, an update on my present situation, still stands at zero, things are hopefully on their way to me though...



  1. Hey hun, so excited for christmas, this year has flown by scarily. Love this look hun very cool and chic xoxo

  2. I love the little blazer jacket in your second pic. I'm such a fan of these shorts, I'd love any outfit with them, so chic!
    I'm glad to hear you are not giving up as I always love your outfits, I don't think you need to blog to often anyway.
    Ice skating sounds fun, I haven't been this year but would love to give it a try. xx

  3. I just finished my Christmas shopping today in a mad dash to get done with it. I love wrapping presents though, going to spend tomorrow relaxing and doing that. Loving your shorts x

  4. Lovely blog and such beautiful photos! You got yourself a new follower :))
    & Merry Christmas, dear!


  5. This outfit is so chic. I love it :)

  6. love your hair!!