Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What I Wore: 36.

I know once again it has been forever since I last posted, forgive me please? Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I am working my way through a mountain of blog posts! Though anyone who uses bloglovin have you noticed that it doesn't always load all unread posts? Maybe it's just me because I have loads to read!

How it is nearly Christmas? The total Christmas presents I have bought stands at fail. If anyone has any cool present buying type websites then feel free to pass on the link, I need some inspiration. Is everyone feeling in the Christmas spirit? I can't say I am just yet, even a trip to Winter Wonderland didn't do it. I mostly just felt cold!

Also, I highly recommend all you girls out there join up to a new social networking site, Luluvise. It's really fun, and set to be the next big thing! 

Hope everyone is doing well and I will check out your posts soon!! 


p.s. I recommend every go raid your charity shops, I got 3, yes that's right 3 coats last weekend for under £30!!


  1. I am seriously in love with this coat - gutted I won't be able to get my hands on it! Lucky you!! I love it with the leather trousers too.
    I am really not in the christmas spirit yet - it's rubbish!
    I don't use bloglovin either, really need to get involved! xx

  2. I really love your coat too! Great leather trousers, I need to get mine out again! xx

  3. love how all the fabrics work together in this outfit :) great trousers. im finallly getting into the christmas spirit! buying presents etc is so stressful it can sometimes take the fun out of it for a while! x

  4. that coat is so amazing. i love how it's oversize yet still totally classy!

    xoxo katlin

  5. I am in need of a new coat for Berlin, have my eye on a few from Zara but they are around £60+!

    Great find,
    Hollie X

  6. wow nice coat! it looks so super warm :)
    and yes, love charity/op shops. some of my favourite pieces are from them! xo

  7. love the outfit. love girls in wet looks or leathers