Sunday, 8 January 2012

What I Wore: 38.

New year, new start thats the theory isn't it? Not that I have made any new years resolutions, just an ongoing list of life goals that I'm sure we all have. Christmas and New Year went by in the blink of an eye and I have to confess that I spend 90% of the holiday in my pj's not exactly photo worthy outfits! I also haven't been out in forever, the winter has turned me into an old lady, all I want to do is snuggle inside in the warm. Anyone else feel the same way?

I did however drag myself out of the house and my pj's for a walk on the beach today. It turned out not to be too freezing, apart from that I haven't really done much else apart from stuff my face with chinese last night. I thought I would just post the few photos that I did manage to take over the past week. I have an urge to buy a ton of clothes all I need now is some money....

Hope everyones new year has gone well so far!


  1. cool looks!

    xoxo from rome

  2. those looks are so cute i love it.

    xoxo katlin

  3. Happy new year hun. Fab outfits, your hair looks lovely too. I am so the same in Winter I am like a little bear I love to hibernate. Theres nothing better than lounging in your Pj's with a hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows I have had far too many this year already yum xx

  4. you look so pretty, i love the first outfit!


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  6. Happy new year lovely! Hope you had a nice break! Sitting about in PJ's is the perfect way to spend the christmas hols I think!
    I love the 2nd outfit and your hair is looking gorgeous. x

  7. Great taste and style! check out mine and share your comments please!

  8. Lovely outfits, especially that peachy pink top :) xo

  9. very nice pants :) I'm gonna follow you :)

  10. I love the sweater.
    Looking great in black though.


  11. I'm with you there.. the urge for shopping is alwayssss there, the money however, is not.
    I love the second look a lot. So pretty dear :)

  12. I LOVE that first outfit! But the second one is really cute too. You have such pretty hair!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth