Monday, 7 March 2011

What I Wore: 1.

Playsuit- h&m, Cardigan- Primark.

Its pretty difficult for me to get a full length shot in my room but I am sure I will find a good way in the end, this required a stool, multiple books and something to prop against my camera to stop it falling over. Obviously a tripod would be the answer to my problems, but you know that would be far to simple for me, i like the challenge.

So this is what I ended up wearing today its actually sunny for once and dare I say slightly warm. Some days I just cannot be bothered to form an outfit and if I am not going anywhere then I don't like to 'waste' a good outfit, I am strange I know. I think that a playsuit is a good way of wearing something easy and that requires little effort, you can just throw it on and it usually looks okay.

In true lazy style my hair is in dire need of a good washing so I just put in it this huge high bun, some people may not like it but I think it looks nice and makes a change from just scraping it back in a ponytail. I always feel like I should be a ballerina when I have my hair in a bun.

So that's all for now folks. x


  1. Your polka dot play suit is so cute!

  2. Very purdy :) Love the cardi! :) x

  3. Love this outfit hun, i would definitely wear this :) x

  4. Your play suit is so pretty! love it great cardigan <3