Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I love...

DIY! Im no stranger to a paintbrush and hammer but in this case I am talking about making jewellery . Now I have to say I am no expert but and the things that I have made will more than likely fall apart but that doesn't really bother me too much as I tend to change my tastes so often. The reasons why I usually diy things is that sometimes you can replicate something in a shop for a cut price and that no one else will have what you have made.

So enough of my rambles, these are just some of the pieces that I have made, I tend to prefer more masculine jewellery. Im not really one for brights colours and beads, not that I don't like that sort of thing it just doesn't really suit me and my style.

So that is just a small selection of things I have made, so far I have only experimented with chain and cord, but i kind of like this combination. I do want to some leather and suede cords and some different types of chain, obviously I will probably need to branch out from the wrist wear jewellery as my whole arms will be covered with bracelets!

I have also experimented with body chains which I love and I personally think are crazy prices in the shops when you can make one for literally pennies. So I hope you are inspired to try and make some things. Its always nice when someone asks you where you got an item and you know that no one will have the same thing as you do.

Happy diy-ing! x


  1. Those bracelets look really badass,
    might just try and do them as well.


  2. amazing! I make jewelry too)) lovely blog!

  3. I will try to do the first one!! Looks amazing! :)