Thursday, 10 November 2011

What I Wore: 34.

Hopefully you can see a marked improvement in the quality of the photos, if not that was a lot of money wasted! Not sure why I look so angry/ gormless in the first photo, let's blame the early morning shall we.  Yet another boring work post but with the addition of my sexy new blazer, it may look total granny like in this photo but let me assure you looks can be deceiving. 

Now let me tell you my woes, after leaving Uni I have bounced around from various jobs, all I which I like to call 'money jobs'. None of which really hold my interest or fulfill my long term career goals. So I am on the hunt for an internship, along with everyone else I long for the dream career. My stumbling blocks so far are the age old problem of no relevant experience and the fact I live in the back end of beyond, so finding someone willing to pay the hefty expenses that would be my train fare is proving quite difficult. But as I keep saying to myself one day, one day I will get there! 

On another note, does anyone know how on earth it is Friday again? Time is flying, I really better get cracking with my Christmas shopping! 



  1. Beautiful outfit, you look very classy.

    Holli x

  2. LOVEEE the blazer you look lovely in it.
    Once again, curlys look lovely as well...I so cant do mine as nice as yours, I might invest in on of those curling wands.

    Have a fab weekend doll xxxx

  3. Great outfit, I love the blazer! :)

    Chelsea x

  4. Ooooh I think you look gorgeous!! I adore the blazer and skirt <3 your hair looks lovely too! xx

  5. Love this outfit! your coats beautiful


  6. Looking lovely!! I adore this blazer, I can only find the black version in H&M in my size but I really want this colour!! It looks fab paired with the red skirt too.
    Good luck finding an internship, I'm sure you'll get there. xx

  7. Chick you look beautiful. I adore the blazer I seen it in H+M if it is the same one. Why didn't I get it gutted now lol. I love it with the colour of the skirt. Stunning xoxo Ps pics are looking fab x

    Good luck hope you find something suitable soon xx